Hors d'oeuvre Selections

Thinly sliced imported salami, spicy capicola, prosciutto, fresh ciliegne mozzarella, marinated Byzentene olives, flame roasted red peppers and Marcona almonds. Served with house made focaccia bread sticks.
Chefs choice of seasonally available fresh baby vegetables arranged on a platter. Served with Roasted red pepper hummus and house made buttermilk ranch dressing.
Freshly sliced pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, kiwi, table grapes and seasonally ripe berries. Paired with imported English Mango Wyenslydale cheese, imported aged Rotterdam Gouda from Holland, Sharp Tipperary Irish cheddar, spicy pepper jack cheese from Wisconsin and Imported baby brie from France. Served with candied walnuts and an assortment of crackers.
Savory house made green chili and cheddar cheese cake garnished with fresh pico de gallo salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Served with freshly made tortilla chips.
House made cheese ball and log, dried apricots, Turkish Figs, Fresh Dates, Candied Walnuts, Water Crackers and Toast Points, Serves 30.
Fresh mozzarella, Sweet grape tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata olives topped with Balsamic Reduction, 30 Pieces.
Locally cured smoked salmon, lemon dill crème fraiche, pickled red onions, chopped hard-boiled egg, fresh diced tomato and capers. Served with an assortment of crackers and house made toast points, Serves 30.
Cranberry and cherry pan forte, Rosemary and olive oil sel gris flat bread, imported fig spread and fresh Byzentene olives, Serves 30.
Fresh sea scallops wrapped with crispy bacon. Served with a spicy Thai peanut sauce, 30 Pieces.
Cleaned and trimmed jumbo shrimp served with house made cocktail sauce and fresh lemon wedges, 30 Pieces.
House made buffalo meatballs served in our famous Colorado green chili sauce, 30 Pieces.
Beef and pork meatballs served in our house made forest mushroom stroganoff sauce, 30 Pieces.
Spicy locally made andouille sausage wrapped in fresh flakey puff pastry. Served with Matty’s beer mustard, 30 Pieces.
Freshly skewered marinated chicken grilled and finished with sweet Thai chili sauce, thinly sliced jalapenos and fresh cilantro. Served with spicy Thai peanut sauce, 30 Pieces.
Seared filet of beef and duxelle mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry baked to a golden brown, 30 Pieces.
Flakey and savory phyllo dough filled with spinach and feta cheese baked to a golden brown, 30 Pieces.
Sweet pear blended with a delicate savory brie cheese and minced nuts wrapped in flakey phyllo dough, 30 Pieces.
Seared chicken breast, jack cheese and salsa wrapped in a small flour tortilla. Served with picante style salsa and sour cream, 30 Pieces.
Served hot, blend of grated cheese, fresh spinach, quartered artichoke hearts and roasted garlic. Served with homemade garlic focaccia sticks, Serves 30.
House made corn tortilla chips, chilled picante style salsa, Serves 30.
Hand carved flame roasted turkey breast, house made herb Aioli, seasonal greens and fresh sliced tomato. served on a house baked roll, 30 Pieces.
Large sautéed button mushrooms stuffed with fresh spinach, artichokes, feta cheese and flame roasted red peppers.
Thinly sliced herb crusted tri-tip of beef, house made horseradish cream sauce, seasonal greens. Served on a house baked roll, 30 Pieces
Grilled eggplant and zucchini, fresh mozzarella cheese, house made sun dried tomato Aioli and seasonal greens. Served on a house baked roll, 30 Pieces.
Thinly sliced Cider brined pork loin, crispy bacon, sliced tomato, seasonal greens and house made smoked chili Aioli. Served on a house baked roll, 30 Pieces.

Additional Information

Minimum order is 15 guests unless stated otherwise.

We require one week’s notice to ensure availability.

Prices include:
  • Buffet Table Linen
  • China Plates
  • Flatware
  • Food Chafers
  • Napkins
  • Serving Utensils
Additional Costs:
  • Beverages, not listed in item descriptions
  • $23 per hour, per Server for served food
  • $25 per hour, per chef for carving stations and grilling
  • $42 Delivery/Drop-off/Pick-up service
  • 23% Service Charge
  • Taxes

Carving Station

Carving Chef is an additional fee of $23.00 per chef per hour.

Glazed Ham — $150.00 serves 30-40
With Mayonnaise and Dijon. Served with Fresh Baked Rolls.
Pork Loin — $130.00 serves 30
With Peach & Pear Chutney. Served with Fresh Baked Rolls.
Roasted Turkey Breast — $150.00 serves 30-40
With Mayonnaise and Dijon. Served with Fresh Baked Rolls.
Tenderloin of Beef —
$29.00 per lb (1/2 lb recommended per person)
With Horseradish Sauce, Mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard. Served with Fresh Baked Rolls.
Tri Tip of Beef — $18.00 per lb (1/2 lb recommended per person)
With Horseradish Sauce, Mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard. Served with Fresh Baked Rolls

Call 303-688-4321 for menu consultation and scheduling.

Plated service available for an additional $6.00 per person.

Prices subject to change without notice, and only guaranteed with a signed contract.